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Some Things Never Change

"Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught" Oscar Wilde
But as an educator I recognize it as our responsibility to construct the road that will take our students to the point of discovery.

Personal Watercraft

Sometimes it's just about you, and that you makes it better for them.

Columbia University, TC

Reflecting upon my formal education, I view it as segmented episodes of distinct focused concentrations. However, it is the application of what is learned which reveals the connectedness of these experiences.

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Hudson River - View from the Palisades


Perhaps due to the proximity to New York City, many first-time Palisades hikers are surprised at how rugged our trails can get. Please be prepared! Map Available Here... Hikers can find access to the trails in the NJ Section from all picnic areas and overlooks, as well as from Park Headquarters and Fort Lee Historic Park. Additional access can be gained from the following points, listed south to north.